Gilded Age ; Lost Files

Newport, Rhode Island #AritaOnTheRoad

Hey there, hope fall is treating you well, here in New York it’s still pretty hot, so I’m definitely enjoying these last days of summer 😀 .
I took these photos back in May when we did our North Atlantic coast trip ,and man.. it feels like ages ago. Just writing this made me realize how much we traveled this summer and I gotta tell you it was a hell of a summer \m/ . Read More



West Village, New York City #AritaOnTheRoad

Serendipity: Finding something good without looking for it.

I can’t even think, I’m nervous, excited, overwhelmed, scared and a million of other things; I feel like I should write something meaningful and inspiring but my mind keeps bouncing to the thought of my family coming to the states. I mean really would you be able to think straight after finally being able to see your loved ones after more than 5 years? Yeah I didn’t think so either 😛
Well out of all the things that I’m feeling, I feel grateful the most. Good things do take time, and you really can’t rush them; eventually everything will fall into place the universe has plans for all of us.
Wish it big enough and it will happen for you too. 😀 Read More


Summer in the Hamptons

South Hamptons, New York #AritaOnTheRoad

With the NYC heat coming down on us like a volcano there’s hardly anything you can do to run away from it; Bless the Hamptons for helping us through these times 😛
I will most likely be MIA for the weeks to come since I’m hoping to spend every weekend down there, and mid August my Mom and Sister are coming to the states, which is by far the best thing that happened to me this year, and I can’t be any happier..Cheers to the good life 😀

Hope everyone is having an amazing summer <3
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Feed my eyes

Cape Cod, Massachusetts #AritaOnTheRoad

Cape Cod definitely lives up to it’s hype; we visited Provincetown and Hyannis and it was awesome.
If you ever think of visiting I can assure you that you’re gonna have a great time and great food :D, I mean really where else would you wanna eat lobster rolls if not on the Cape of the Atlantic coast, set aside some time to stroll around and check out all the galleries on Commercial street, there’s so many cool shops to check out and all the way down at the port you can actually go for a dive on one of the most amazing beaches the Atlantic coast has to offer 😀 Read More


Forget me not

Newport, Rhode Island #AritaOnTheRoad

My brain is fried right now and I can’t seem to come up with anything meaningful, so I’m just gonna leave it like this ..enjoy all the pics and hopefully the next post will be more informative 😛 I might end up editing this when I wake up tomorrow, but for now I’m just gonna be blunt af until something brighter comes in mind ; Peace xoxo Read More